April 11th at 4pm marked the beginning of what many hope is a new era of success for the Wisconsin Women's Basketball Program under new Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey.  She was a candidate that didn't become known to the masses until late last week at best and today was introduced as the 6th HC in the programs history.  As the Introductory Press Conference got underway it was pretty easy to see why she shot up the ranks to become the Badgers newest HC.

The one things that most Badger fans wanted was someone that was a proven winner.  Well, so did Barry Alvarez, and in the Press Conference he kept going back to the fact that she has experience at the highest level of the game as both a player and Assistant Coach(7 Final Fours as a player and coach) and that was a huge factor in picking her over the presumed favorite, Matt Bollant(Green Bay's HC).  I found an answer that AD Barry Alvarez had to the question of where does he want to see the program go from here to be very insightful as to his thought process in the hire.  In that answer he stated that he asked everyone what separates the schools like Stanford, UConn, Tennessee, Notre Dame, etc?  He's next statement of "Well, if you haven't been there before it's really hard to know..." shows me even more evidence of him wanting a coach from that top level of teams.  Perhaps the media had it all wrong from the start and Bollant wasn't nearly as serious of a candidate as we all thought.  He went on to further talk about recruiting nationally and how she had contacts all over the place because of her days at Florida and Stanford, leading me to further believe that Bollant didn't have exactly what Alvarez was looking for after all.

In the end I came away impressed with the passion, excitement, and forthcoming nature of Coach Kelsey and for an introductory press conference this was about as impressive as it can be.  Wisconsin was clearly leery of going the mid-major route again after the Lisa Stone era and is making a statement that they are willing to commit to winning on a national level with this hire along with giving a new coach with a winning tradition a shot as well.  I've included the link to the full presser below for your viewing pleasure.  Welcome to the Badger Family Bobbie Kelsey and as always.... ON WISCONSIN!!

http://www.uwbadgers.com/allaccess/?media=241331 for direct access to the Conference.