Welcome to the Weekend Badgers fans, I know it's really dull and rainy here, but I come here today to bring you some warmth in the form of the 3rd of 4 profiles of the incoming 2011 Badger Freshman class.  This time we will be looking at Traevon Jackson.  If you are a Big Ten fan then you may just be thinking why is this name familiar?  Well he is the son of Ohio State ledgend Jim Jackson.  I can tell you he certaintly has a lot of his dad's game in him, but only time will tell what his college experience will bring him.  Let's see what this kid produced his Senior year in HS and breakdown what he can bring to the table for Bucky.

Personal Stats: 

Height: 6'2"  Weight: 210lbs.  Position: Shooting Guard  

#70 SG according to ESPN

Hometown/School: Westerville, OH/ Westerville South

2011 Season Stats: 18.3ppg, 7rpg, 4.4apg, and 3.3spg


2011 2nd team All-State(AP) and 1st team All-Metro(Columbus Dispatch)


Breakdown: From all the tape out there on this guy I've been really impressed with how polished his game was already in his Junior year.  If you get a chance to check out the tape from the 2011 Westerville South vs. North game you'll see an amazing collection of talent and see the transition his body has made.  He was able to add a bit of weight between Junior and Senior seasons and that should help make up for the fact that for a Shooting Guard he is a bit on the short side.  He definitely has a great handle and loves to slash to the basket, using his weight advantage at the HS level.  Additionally, he clearly isn't afraid to mix it up inside. But I wonder how quickly he will adjust to the physicality of the Big Ten? In the end I think by mid freshman year things should be just fine for him.  We all know how Coach Ryan loves to invert his offense and I can picture Jackson being a focal point of that inversion down the road.  I was also impressed by his court vision and spacing on the break and in the normal offense, which combined with his great handle allows him pin-point accuracy on his passes.  Ideally he is best with the ball in his hand and creating jumpers or lay ups for himself or others in the paint.  The biggest thing that stood out besides his fearlessness was that he loves the pull up jumper, something that honestly has been missing from the Badgers offense.  I have visions of Jackson and Marshall forming perhaps the most athletic and gifted backcourt the Badgers have seen in quite some time when it's all said and done for them.  2011 will be a learning year and I don't see Jackson counted on as a starter, but that will only serve to better him for the next 3 years.  I am really impressed with this class the more and more I look at them and as always... ON WISCONSIN!!