Once again it's that time of week, THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!  It's time to look around the net and see what has been going on around the Badgers Program and bring a bit of news as well.  Today we'll have news from the Big Ten Spring meetings, Women's Basketball, Volleyball, and Football.  I hope you are grabbing your beverage of choice and enjoying a little break from the hustle and bustle of life to check out what's going on around Wisconsin Badgers Athletics.

Right out of the gate we've got to cover the Women's Basketball program which had a few announcements over the past week.  First up was the announcement that new Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey completed here coaching staff.  3 people were added highlighted by former Badger Kyle (Black) Rechlicz.  This staff has the makings of being great and I'm very interested to see what this team can do in season one of the Bobbie Kelsey era.  Along with the men's Big Ten/ACC Challenge announced on Tuesday the women's version was announced today and pits Wisconsin vs. Boston College.  This should be one heck of a test for Wisconsin early and a great measure of exactly where this new program is off the bat.  Expectations should be low for the Badgers and a win here would really make an early statement.  

Sticking with basketball the Athletics Department announced an addtion to the Kohl Center game day experience that should be really interesting for fans.  This experience is only going to enhance the game day experience for everyone involved and is also only available for men's basketball and hockey.  I know I'd love to get a crack at a seat like that someday, how about you?

Let's continue with the Women's sports here as the Volleyball team released it's 2011 schedule and all I have to say is DAMN!!  A really ambitious schedule that includes 9, yes NINE NCAA tournament teams awaits this Badgers outfit.  The Big Ten is one hell of a Volleyball Conference so it will be interesting to see how the Badgers rebound from a 16-15 season that could've been much better had a few points gone their way.  Good luck ladies and can't wait to watch a match or two on the Big Ten Network and in person!

Over on the men's side of the Kohl Center there's been a rigorous debate over the Wisconsin vs. UNCmatchup in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.  It was all started by former Wisconsin AD Pat Richter who spoke on a local Madison radio show Wednesday.  I see Pat's point and it does have some validity, especially since Roy is famous for taking his thoughts about other teams and programs public when there doesn't need to be anything said.  The real test will be if Wisconsin gets a return game next year as UNC reloads.  You have to think that the fearsome threesome at Chapel Hill won't be there after next year, right?

Football has been all over the news for a variety of reasons, wether it is the Russell Wilson to Wisconsin rumors, the Zach Brown transfer that I hit on yesterday, or this piece of hilarious news:Jerry Kelly having to pay up on a bet with fellow golfer JJ Henry.  The loser had to wear the other schools mascot at a charity event and despite the bitterness of the loss the pictures of Jerry Kelly in the "SuperFrog" costume are funny as hell.

Finally, I suppose I could take a look at the Big Ten Spring Meetings, even though absolutely jack squat happened other than a "confirmed mutual interest" between Russell Wilson and Wisconsin.  So I guess that bit is worth the coverage in and of itself.  I hope you've enjoyed this look around the Big Ten and the Wisconsin Program!!  Don't forget to support this site and help us support the JJ Watt Foundation by purchasing some of our awesome gear at the WiscoBadgers Gear Store, until next time... ON WISCONSIN!!