Welcome back as we're up to day 10 in our The 12 Days of Recruits Series here at WiscoBadgers.com.  I hope you've enjoyed each and every look at the possible 2012 class for the Badgers.  Right now it promises to be one of the best, if not the best recruiting class (according to the rankings) in program history.  It's our 2nd day profiling a Reggie, as today we switch back to the defensive side of the ball and look at incoming CB recruit Reggie Mitchell.

For the other Reggie, WR Reggie Love, don't forget to check out our profile of him from yesterday.  If you want to know more about others in the recruiting class that we've already profiled then please head on over to the homepage and you'll see all of them there.


Reggie Mitchell Personal Stats: 

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180lbs.

Hometown/High School: Pittsburgh, PA/ Shady Side Academy

Committed: 6/23/11

Position: CB



247sports: 3*, NR (nationally), #69 (position), #36 (state)

Rivals: 2*, NR (nationally, position, or state)

Scout: 2*, NR (nationally, position, or state)


My Thoughts: 

When I take a look at a guy like Reggie Mitchell it's easy to see why the Badgers like him.  He's athletic, fast, and strong.  He's also multi-dimensional, having played QB at the High School level.  Before you start thinking that's a possibility at Wisconsin, he's been told that he will be a Cornerback, no questions asked.

UConn was the only other "major conference" school that really ran hard at Mitchell, but that doesn't mean he's not a good player.  It just means that people weren't sure were he would fit into their particular systems.  Wisconsin was the only one of the two to offer him a scholarship though and he took it.

I like his athletic ability and it's clear he uses that right now to make up for anything lacking in technique.  Luckily he's got a few guys ahead of him and I could see him being a very ripe candidate for a redshirt season.  He's just too raw at corner to throw him out there right away.  

His size advantage shows in high school ball and at 6 feet tall and already 180lbs. he's well on his way to becoming a menacing presence on the corner.  I very much see him as being a shutdown guy, someone that isn't afraid to hit (which you'll see in the videos) and someone that has great closing speed.  

Like I said before, don't expect much out of him in 2012, but he could be someone that emerges from the pack later on down the road as he learns the in's and out's of playing one position at the college level.



Below are two highlight videos, one from his junior year and one from this season.  Please keep in mind that both include his play at QB, so it shows his athletic ability more than anything else.  He's #5 in the videos, so watch for that number.