It's a good contest for the "best name" of the 2012 recruiting class that's for sure.  We're already on day 9 of "The 12 Days of Recruits" Series.  Yesterday we profiled a CB out of Florida.  Today we stay in the state of Florida, but on the offensive side of the ball as we look at a man child of a WR in Reggie Love.

Don't forget to check out our profile of CB Hugs Etienne from yesterday if you haven't done so already.  Of course heading to the homepage will allow you the chance to look at all the other 8 profiles we've done so far as well.


Personal Stats: 

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 200lbs.

Hometown/High School: Boca Raton, FL/ Spanish River Community



247Sports: 3*, NR (nationally), #176 (position), #183 (state)

Rivals: 3*, not ranked nationally, position, or in the state

Scout: 3*, #154 (position) - never give out state or national rankings


My Thoughts: 

First things first, this kid is a heck of a physical specimen coming out of high school.  He's already 200lbs. and 6'3".  Because of that he might draw some comparisons to Nick Toon coming out of high school and those comparisons aren't too far off in my estimation.

The thing that jumps out to me is that he is a raw talent that needs to work on being more crisp with his route running.  You'll see a few times on tape where he'll get himself and his QB in trouble on deeper routes by not running them as crisp off the line as he could, allowing the DB's to catch up to him or stay with him.  Additionally I noticed that his fakes on flat routes or routes across the line of scrimmage aren't crisp and will be dead giveaways at the next level.

Having said that I do see a lot of talent in Love.  He uses his body well to shield off defenders when going over the middle and isn't afraid of contact.  Reggie also goes up and attacks the ball at it's highest point.  He doesn't wait for the ball to come to him most often.  

With comparisons to Toon almost inevitable I will say that he does flash a bit more body control than Toon did coming out of high school.  Having Toon graduate and Abbrederis stepping into the main role there will be a ton of opportunity for newer faces to jump into the mix.

I don't see Love being someone that will see a lot or any playing time his first season because of the emergence of Jeff Duckworth and Kenzel Doe.  Additionally he'd have to surpass an equally big and strong Manasseh Garner, who if healthy come this fall could very well break out as a possession type receiver for the Badgers. 

Don't be surprised if he ends up being one of the players from this class that could redshirt his freshman season but become very productive later in his career with the Badgers.



Here are two videos for you to compare.  The first is Reggie Love in the 2011 Spring Football game and then to contrast we've got his 2011 Fall mid-season highlights for you.  I think you'll see some growth between the two tapes that's for sure.