Perhaps the one area that will be the biggest question mark going into next season outside of QB will be the secondary.  Well, we've got a few DB's in this 2012 recruiting class and today we'll profile one of the cornerbacks that help to make up the 12 person class so far.  He also is up there for the "name of the class" award, one Hugs Etienne.  

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Hugs Etienne Personal Stats: 

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175lbs.

Hometown/High School: Ft. Lauderdale, FL/ South Plantation



247sports: 3*, NR (nationally), #67 (position), #104 (state)

Rivals: 3*, NR (nationally), #44 (position), #73 (state)

Scout: 2*, NR (position) - never give out national or state rankings



4.5 seconds - 40 yard dash


My Thoughts: 

Chalk this one up to some great scouting by the Badgers.  Etienne has been considered a rising star in the "recruiting ranks" from his Junior to Senior seasons.  Why?  Because he's growing physically and mentally.  

Hugs has an interesting story in his recruitment to Wisconsin.  The Badgers were the first of the major conference schools to offer him a scholarship and he committed to Wisconsin before stepping foot on the campus itself, something that doesn't happen all that often these days.  He received offers from other major schools like Kansas and West Virginia, but the biggest competition came from Wake Forest, which was after him hard up the beginning of this month.  However, we can relax because he's confirmed over and over again that he is a Badger through and through.

On the field I have to say he looks like a very solid edge defender against the run and short passing game.  He does have the cover skills to play corner, something a few scouts apparently didn't think he could play..  Those skills will hopefully help him overcome just a small amount of lack of speed at the get go.  Just look at the number of guys in the NFL that play technique well and make up for not being 4.3 or 4.29 (40yd dash times) type guys.  There are a lot of them.  

With Antonio Fenelus graduating there will be an open spot to compete for and it will be a very young CB crew for the Badgers.  That could be to the benefit of a guy like Hugs Etienne who should see plenty of reps to show his skills in camp.  He'll likely be competing with 4 other guys, sophomores Peniel Jean and David Gaulden, and fellow recruit Reggie Mitchell.

Another benefit for him is his plan on graduating early and being on campus this spring.  That should help him bulk up a bit and work on getting into the college atmosphere and level of play.  Don't be surprised to see him in the mix during the fall and he could be one of the biggest "sleepers" in this class.



***NSF WARNING****  The video below is a great highlight tape but the language on the background music may not be safe for work, so make sure the volume is off if that bothers you at all.   Enjoy a great tape of Etienne's Junior season.