Below are quotes from referee Pat Driscoll regarding the ending of the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State men’s basketball game Tuesday night.

Referee Pat Driscoll

Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

Postgame Quotes

“In the rule book, it’s rule five under ‘Scoring and Timing Regulation,’ section seven, ‘Beginning and End of the Period.’ In games with a tenth of a second, game clock display in where an official courtside monitor is used – which we had tonight – the reading of zeros on the clock is to be used to determine whether a field goal determined before or after the experation of time and the period.

In the process, by rule, we go to the courtside monitor. Any shot near the expiration of time for the first or second half we review.

Upon our review, we determined that the ball remained in the hand of the Wisconsin player at the reading of zeros.

On if it was noticed that the game clock above the scoreboard said zeros, but the clock on the ribbon board said 0.2 seconds remaining:

“We did. But, by rule we have to go by the clock that is on the backboard. I don’t know why there would be different (times) – it could be satellite, electronic, whatever – but by rule we have to go by the clock that is attached to the backboard. In our review on the monitor, the clock clearly showed zeros while the ball remained in the Wisconsin player’s hands.

On how many times they reviewed replay of the shot:

“I think we got up to seven. The other thing too, we need to see certainly if it counted – based off what I just explained to you. The other thing we have to keep in mind is to whether it was a two or a three, because it was very, very close. Those were the two things we looked at. But again, after reviewing it further, it was determined the player still had the ball in his hands at the expiration of time.”