Today begins a look at the 2011 Badgers Basketball Recruiting Class.  Since I wasn't here when they were signed and all their seasons are final it's a perfect opportunity to look at what they accomplished and what to expect from these players as they embark on their Wisconsin careers.  First up in the 4 part series is George Marshall.



Height: 6'0"   Position: PG  Hometown/School: Chicago,IL(Brooks College Prep).

2010 Season Stats: 16.6ppg, 5.6rpg, 4.9apg

Awards: - 2011 Class 3A 2nd team all-State 

            - Brooks College Prep 2011 Chicago Public League Champions

             - 3rd Place IL Class 3A

Analysis: Looking at the tapes available and reading the interviews he has given over the past few years this kid is something special and one of the top 3 PG's in Chicago, perhaps the best overall.  He reminds me a ton of Jordan Taylor, only faster and with a better left hand.  Clearly he fits the Wisconsin system and isn't afraid to get dirty as the 5.6rpg show.  I don't expect him to start right away, but thankfully he will have a whole season to grow under Bo Ryan and Jordan Taylor and is def. the PG of the future.  I'm personally excited to see what this kid will do.  He clearly needs a bit more weight to play his style at the Big Ten level but his body sure looks like it can take the weight on pretty easily.  Additionally he will need to pick up things a bit on the defensive end, but again I don't see that being an issue.  The one thing that stook out to me the most in all the interviews and press clippings on Marshall was the fact that he stressed the "balance of great academics, good basketball, and a winning tradition."  To me that shows he's focused on things on and off the court and just not around for basketball.  If you aren't focused academically at a school like Wisconsin things can go downhill quickly for you.  This class as a whole has a lot of potential and Marshall very well could be the best of the bunch when all is said and done.

I've included a highlight video from his Junior year and you can find more from the past season on Youtube, he's #11 btw and as always... ON WISCONSIN!!