****** UPDATE 1/5/2012 ************ 

Montee Ball will hold a press conference today at 3pm Central.  It will be televised live on the Big Ten Network as well as their digital platforms of btn.com and btn2go.  Lots of speculation because he didn't announce yesterday, but I have a feeling a lot of it had to do with coaching situation.  I fully expect report below to still hold true.


1/4/12 - According to multiple reports out there, it appears that Montee Ball will give Badgers fans their first piece of good news for 2012 as he plans on staying at Wisconsin for his senior season.  The decision will be addressed to the public later on today according to all indications.  

He's sited his love for the University of Wisconsin as reason for his return to the program according to those reports.

Look for much more on this later this afternoon as we get more word on when or where a public address will come from.

This is great news for a team that will be breaking in a 1st time starter, no matter who it is, at QB and have some big time offensive coaching staff changes to deal with.  

Ball rushed for 1,923 yards and tied the all-time single season TD record of Barry Sanders with 39 for the season.  Those numbers allowed him to be a finalist for both the Doak Walker Award (best RB in country) and the Heisman Trophy.  We'll also cover this developing story on Badgers Power Hour tonight as well.