11am and we sat patiently at our computers with mobile devices in hand, scouring twitter and facebook, for our first glimpses of the Badgers brand new uniforms for the 2012 Rose Bowl.  As you can see to the left, the football helmet hasn't changed in any drastic design really, other than to add an awesome Rose pattern to the forward W, which has become THE image of Wisconsin athletics since Barry Alvarez took over.  

The one thing I'm really happy about is that they didn't try to out do Nike and Oregon.  Let them have the fancy, fearce looking helmets and uniforms.  It's about what remains classic.  People tuning into the Rose Bowl as they do once a year may be left trying to figure out who the other team is on the field besides Wisconsin.  

Bucky didn't go all sorts of crazy trying to redesign the wheel with Adidas and I give them credit for that.  Personally I love the classic and clean look of the Wisconsin uniforms and I hope that doesn't change.  I don't mind a small tweak here and there, but keeping it classic is where it's at in my book.  You don't see Michigan or Notre Dame going all radical, even though they have gone retro in recent years from time to time. 

Wisconsin set itself apart with this design.  It's fun without being in your face and gaudy.  For all this talk of uniforms it will ultimately come down to who wants it more on the field, cool and new or clean and classic really won't matter much in the end.  


Here is a closer look at the actual helmet and not just a rendering: Badgers Rose Bowl Helmet












And the full uniforms:

Full Uniforms















Got thoughts on these "new" uniforms?  Love 'em, or Hate 'em?  Let's hear your comments!!