Just a bit ago the B1G announced the official ESPN/CBS Conference Schedule and the Badgers feature prominently.  Before we get into the schedule as a whole it's interesting to note, starting with the fact that the Badgers are opening B1G play with Nebraska, just like in football.  It's also the earlies that Bucky has ever opened the season (Dec. 27th) for conference play.  Lastly, the Badgers also feature a total of 12 times on the ESPN/CBS docket, tied for the most appearances with Ohio State.  Here's a look at the Badgers ESPN/CBS Schedule.  All times are Central.



Dec. 27 ---- @Nebraska------- 8pm------------------- ESPN2

Jan. 3------ MICHIGAN ST.---- 6pm------------------- ESPN2

Jan. 8------ @Michigan ------- 12:30/3:30pm-------- CBS

Jan. 12---- @Purdue ---------- 6pm------------------- ESPN/2

Jan. 26----- INDIANA ---------- 8pm-------------------- ESPN/2

Feb. 4------ OHIO ST. --------- 1pm-------------------- ESPN/2

Feb. 9------ @Minnesota ------ 6pm-------------------- ESPN/2

Feb. 16---- @Michigan St.----- 6pm-------------------- ESPN/2

Feb. 19 --- PENN STATE ------- noon------------------- CBS wild card

Feb. 23---- @Iowa------------- 6pm-------------------- ESPN/2

Feb. 25/26 - @Ohio St.-------- 12/3pm---------------- CBS/ESPN wildcard

March 4---- ILLINOIS----------- 12/3pm--------------- CBS/ESPN wildcard